De Vuurproef
Herstellen van een burn-out is de vuurproef doorstaan. Durf jij het aan?

De Vuurproef. Also in English.

Sound familiar?

· Physically, mentally and emotionally drained.

· Unable to find the ‘off’ switch to your racing thoughts.

· Becoming overstimulated by lights, smells and sounds.

· Obsessively searching for the ‘solution’ for your burnout.

· You feel pressure to recover quickly so you can go back to work ‘as normal.’

· You try to convince everyone that you have everything ‘under control’.

· You’ve forgotten where your boundaries are until you discovered you have crossed them.

 These are just a few characteristics that people dealing with burnout share. Welcome.


Burnout is a combination of physical, mental and emotional symptoms which arise after years of living with chronic stress. Unfortunately, there is no quick solution and recovery can take a long time.

On my website you will find information about my coaching practice and workshops, links and information on burnout and depression, and much more. I hope to help you discover that there are many people in the same boat, and that there is a way out; however, getting out of it means going through it. This will require the same strength that got you here in the first place and the courage to face the obstacles along the way.

Who am I?

My name is Emma du Pree; married, mother of 2 kids, and burnout survivor. Sounds heavy, right? That’s because it was!

My own experience formed my vision of recovery. I had designated recovery as a final destination and along the way the challenges I encountered were ever greater; the frustration to get there was enormous. I came to see this journey as a Vuurproef (or, ‘trial by fire’); an enormously confrontational process of physical, mental and emotional self-awareness, where the ultimate prize was myself. I am grateful for my burnout because it taught me who I am: open, infinitely curious and a sensitively intuitive person with a big heart. My pragmatism helps me keep the balance between feeling, learning and doing.

I have spent a number of years educating myself on lifestyle, coaching, burnout and recovery. Today I use my qualities, experience and knowledge to help others in their recovery process.

Why ‘de vuurproef’?

I struggled for a long time with the after-effects of a burnout and major depression. I often think back to the first weeks that I was at home, unable to work. Who I was had completely disappeared and I had no idea what was happening. I often received well-intended advice, such as "get some rest". Unfortunately, my stress system was out of control and I was no longer able to rest: and this made me feel like a failure. A period of isolation followed and it became my life’s mission to find an answer to the question: ‘how do I recover?” After much trial and error, I discovered what rest was for ME (physical, mental and emotional). And then I was ready to take on the next question: ‘why did I get burnout?'

Finding the answer to the ‘why’ was the beginning of my Vuurproef. Because it turned out to be a long and painful process of letting go of the person I thought I was and discovering who I truly am. What a confrontation!

My experience has brought me insights and knowledge, which I now use to help others find the answers to the questions they have. This is why I started ‘de vuurproef’: to offer various elements which are necessary to spark the fire of recovery, such as:

· The depth of knowledge which experience brings.

· Knowledge of burnout and depression.

· Practical tools to restore balance.

· Connecting to peers in a safe environment.

· Learning to listen to the signals your body is giving you.


What is expected of you?

·  Being prepared to face this challenge. 


Workshop ‘de reis naar herstel’ (‘the road to recovery’)

Goal: Enabling the mind, body and heart to recover.

Form: Group form, maximum 4 participants, each in a similar situation

Length: 12 sessions at 3 hours.

The more you know about what burnout is and what you can expect, the earlier the process of acceptance, trust and recovery can begin. We learn practical skills such as self care (mind, body and heart) and you discover tools which help you deal with the diversity of symptoms. Learning to connect with peers, identifying and seeing yourself in others has a healing effect. All of these elements work to bring you further in your recovery.


You can choose to start a coaching program following the workshop or on its own. Together we dive into the ‘why’ behind your burnout. 1 on 1 coaching gives insight into potential vulnerabuilities and enables you to practice learning to listen to the signals of your body in a safe environment. My experience enables me to ask the questions which take us to the core of the problem and also facilitates self reflection.

You will become aware of your own behavioral patterns, at times confrontational but also insightful. You will learn tools to help you better deal with stress. You can choose to be coached at my home office, or if you prefer, talking a walk through nature. I often give 'homework', tailored to your personal situation which help you gain insight. You may expect from me an experienced and professional approach. What I do not offer is unnecessary advice or THE solution to your burnout, because such a solution does not exist. The only one who can go through this trial is you; with the right support, you will get to the other side.

Are you ready?

For more information, please contact me via the contact formulier or send a mail to